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We extend our thanks to all of our bowlers for participating in our 30th Anniversary tournament.  Everything appears to have gone quite smoothly from start to finish. 

History was made during our 30th Anniversary event.  Never in the history of Rose Bowl Classic has one bowler accomplished the “Triple Crown” of 1st Place Team, 1st Place Doubles and 1st Place Singles.  Congratulations to Earl Taylor of Portland, for an incredible feat.  Guess all the practice pays off Earl!

Special thanks to our Pacific NW IGBO representative Tim Tkacik for his incredible Registration job and for the quick turnaround of accurate scoring for all events.  This is the first time in years that we were able to quickly get the checks out.  While US citizens checks were sent directly from Bank of America and should have arrived this week, Canadian checks are being sent by handwritten check and in the mail.  They should be received shortly, as well.

Additionally, thank you to Terry Walton for raffle ticket prep, prize distribution and for just about anything else he was asked to do.  Thank you to Tom Lutes, Jr., who along with Tim Tkacik, worked the sidepot and brackets table to make it very successful this year.  Great job guys!  A big thanks also go to Mike Field and Monty Herron who combined forces to promote one of biggest Boxer Bowls in years, through bar tours and Facebook pages.  Chris Day, what a great guy to bring your sound system in for the Boxer Bowl so we could have some great, loud tunes while bowling.

There are so many other people to thank and we hope we do not miss anyone:  Mark Earley and Nancy Kato for singing our National Anthems; Steve Leaming and Mark Armstrong for Boxer Bowl security; Preston McKinley and Lawrence Gonzales for helping us with Packet Prep; Allen Rise, Stewart Harbert, Jim Gianakis and Cindy Farrester for Registration night; Dave Smotrys and David Elderton for raffle ticket sales.

Congratulations to:
* Pathetic Performance Insurance Winners: James Hanley (Portland) & Mark Armstrong (Portland) who won their entry fees back for a $2.00 insurance policy.
* Rod Ailes for winning the Storm Bowling Ball in the Mega Mini Raffle.
* Patty Pittman for winning $745 in the Mega-Mini Raffle.

* Winners of the annual "Most Creative & Original Team Name: "My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't" from Seattle.

Congratulations to the Pacific Award Winner at Rose Bowl Classic 30: Seattle.  It was a close competition:  229.25 Handicap game average; 2nd was Vancouver, BC with 229.99 game average; and 3rd was Portland with a 228.52 per game average - really close all!

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