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History of Annual Champions


Rose Bowl Classic 1,


Entry Fee: $40.00

Team Event:
1st: All Mixed Up - (Sacramento)
2nd: Rain City Rollers - (Seattle)
3rd: Four 10's +3 - (Seattle)

1st: Marty Appell - (Portland)
2nd: Mike Sorte - (Seattle)
3rd: Bev LaBelle - (Portland)


Rose Bowl Classic 2,


Team Event:
1st: The Ruby Fruits - (Portland)
2nd: The PGMC Golden Throats - (Portland)
3rd: The Rain City Rollers - (Seattle)

1st: Jerry Hicks (Sacramento) & Randy Albright (Detroit)
2nd: Mike Bogumil & Norene Johnson (Sacramento)
3rd: John Weaver (Atlanta) & Jackie Baker (Dallas)

1st: Chad Harris (Portland)
2nd: Bruce Graham (Seattle)
3rd: Jackie Baker (Dallas, TX)


Rose Bowl Classic 1985 - Canceled


Rose Bowl Classic 3


Team Event:
1st: The Attitudes (Seattle)
2nd: Geridols  (Seattle)
3rd: Swollen Scores (Portland)

1st: Ed Clifton & James Moore (Seattle)
2nd: Phillip Cain & Kelvin Smith (Portland)
3rd: John Carpenter & Jon Saxton (Seattle)

1st: Jim Kelso
2nd: Bill Saxton  (Seattle)
3rd: Robin Robinette (Portland)


Rose Bowl Classic 4


Team Event:
1st: The Bowled Ones (Portland)
2nd: The Ruby Fruits (Portland)
3rd: Give Me Ten More (Seattle)

1st: Steve Smolen & Cliff Horn (Los Angeles)
2nd: Duane Hartmann & Greg Nagel (Portland)
3rd: George Jackson & Mike Buliavac (Portland)

1st: Greg Strobel (Portland)
2nd: Mark Halworth  (Seattle)
3rd: Chardi Kollman (Portland)


Rose Bowl Classic 5


Bowled at: PRO 300 Lanes

Team Event:
1st: Rose City Rump Rangers (Portland)
2nd: Stok-Hers (Portland)
3rd: The Bowling Bags (Portland)

1st: Robert
Knauss & Kelvin Smith (Portland)
2nd: Duane Hartmann & Mike Buliavac (Portland)
3rd: Mariella Bakken & Chris Varisco (Portland)

1st: Duane Hartmann (Portland)
2nd: Mariella Bakken  (Portland)
3rd: Sheree Quinlan (Portland)

  1988 Sponsors read like a who's who of 1988 businesses in Portland: The Brig/Boxx's Complex; CC Slaughters; Champagne Claudias; The Dakota Cafe & Lounge; The Dirty Duck; Ember's Avenue; Fish Grotto; Hamburger Mary's; Hobo's Inn; JOQ's Tavern; Silverado; Starky's; Ray's Ordinary Bar & Grille; Phoenix Rising; Portland Gay Men's Chorus; The Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Oregon; Bridgetown Realty; Ben Stark Hotel' Miller Beer; Seagrams Coolers; PRO 300 Lanes; Lubliner Florist (Bill Looker & Ed Faison)  

Rose Bowl Classic 6


Bowled at: PRO 300 Lanes

Team Event:
1st: Not Tonight! We've Got Headaches (Seattle)
2nd: The Bulge Boys (Portland)
3rd: Mutants from Oregon (Portland)

1st: Paul Carlson & Scott Williams
2nd: Richard Smith & Richard Washington (Portland)
3rd: Duane Gover & Tom Lutes, Jr. (Portland)

1st: Gary Sadler (Portland)
2nd: Rory Krout (Seattle)
3rd: Joe MacGregor (Seattle)


Rose Bowl Classic 7


Bowled at: PRO 300 Lanes

Team Event:
1st: Alberta Wild Roses (Calgary, AB)
2nd: Oz Down Under (Seattle)
3rd: Thumpers Slop Sisters (Seattle)

1st: Kevin Berry & Crystal Varisco
2nd: Patty Pittman & Kathy Kellams (Portland)
3rd: Yvonne Short & Cecil Simpson (Seattle)

1st: Ken Chun (Seattle)
2nd: Hector Rainville (Vancouver, BC)
3rd: Warren Kline (Seattle)


Rose Bowl Classic 8


Bowled at: PRO 300 Lanes

Pacific Rim Award Initiated

Team Event:
1st: Foot Long Tongue & Child Bearing Hips (Seattle)
2nd: Tight Ends (Portland)
3rd: Mix Masters (Portland, San Francisco, Vancouver, BC)

1st: Rick D'Arcy & Abe Kiewiet (Vancouver, BC
2nd: Roni Lang & Stewart Joliffe (Portland)
3rd: Mark Sustello & Ken Duenas (Portland)

1st: Henry Long (Seattle)
2nd: Mary Chick (Portland)
3rd: Rich Knittle (Portland)


Rose Bowl Classic 9


Bowled at: PRO 300 Lanes

Team Event:
1st: Bowled-or Dashed (Portland)
2nd: Pin-Daubers (Seattle)
3rd: Not the Mamas (Tacoma)

Jack Feltz & Chris Day (Portland)
2nd: Tom Geil & Scott Nelson (Portland)
3rd: Scott Timberlake & Greg McCarty (Portland)

1st: Steve Rabitoy (Portland)
2nd: Phillipa Nisbet (Vancovuer, BC)
3rd: Warren Kline (Seattle)


Rose Bowl Classic 10


Bowled at: Cascade Lanes

Our Ten Year Theme: Fairy Tale Favorites
Entry Fee: $57.00

Team Event:
1st: Trophy Hunters (Portland)
2nd: Out of Control (Mixture)
3rd: Tie: Humpme Dumpme (Portland) &
                 Pocket Rockets (Portland)

1st: Jonathan McRobert & Doug Overfield (Portland)

2nd: Gary Horn (Portland) & Steve Borges (Seattle)
3rd: Shirley Dean & Carol Palermo (Portland)

1st: Scott Ekblad (Portland)
2nd: Dan Armstrong (Portland)
3rd: Scott Nelson (Portland)


Rose Bowl Classic 11


Bowled at: Cascade Lanes

Entry fee in 1994: $57.00
Awards Brunch: Shenanigans
Aspirin Social (After Awards) - Sun. June 5th -
Country Western Tea Dance at CC Slaughters,
1017 SW Washington.


Team Event:
1st: Where's Gerry  (Seattle)
2nd: Pacific Ball Busters (San Fransico, Portland)
3rd: Tie: Within Striking Distance (Portland)
                  Butch Bottom Bowlers (San Francisco)

1st: Mike Buliavad & Brian Gregory (Portland)

2nd: Miyeko Keen & Robin Trost (San Francisco)
3rd: Bobby Wilcox & Chuck Day (Seattle)

1st: Frank Jenkins (Corvallis)
2nd: Mike Buliavac (Portland)
3rd: JC Halstead (San Francisco)


Rose Bowl Classic 12


Bowled at: Cascade Lanes

Entry Fee: $57.00

Team Event:
1st: On Top Down Under (Auckland, New Zealand)
2nd: Balls Across America (Alburquerque, NM, Philadelphia, PA,
         Vancouver, BC)
3rd: Team Metro (Vancouver, BC)

1st: Andrea Black & Tom Odell (Houston, TX)

2nd: Craig Brown & John  MacKenzie (Auckland, New Zealand)
3rd: Diane Didrichson & Karen McNabb (Vancouver, BC)

1st: Larry Quickenden (New Zealand)
2nd: Jerry StAmour (Vancouver, BC)
3rd: Ron Nelson (Portland)


Rose Bowl Classic 13


Bowled at: Cascade Lanes

Entry Fee: $57.00

Team Event:
1st: Bowl Derek (Vancouver, BC)
2nd: One In Ten (Portland)
3rd: Black & Blue (Vancouver, BC)

1st: Chris Day (Portland & Paul Birks (Vancouver, BC)

2nd: Linda Himes & Victor Kiser (Portland)
3rd: Owen Morgan & Darrell Hubbard (Seattle)

1st: Mike Castoldi (Portland)
2nd: Jim Cheslin (San Francisco)
3rd: Denise Briggs (Portland)


Rose Bowl Classic 14


Bowled at: 20th Century Lanes

Entry Fee: $67.00


Team Event:
1st: Four Kiwi's Play With a Yank (New Zealand)
2nd: We Hang it to the Left, It Curves to the Right (Portland)
3rd: The Irresponsible Boys & Girls Organization (Vanc., BC)

1st: Dave Carson (Portland) & David
Quan (San Francisco)
2nd: Kathy Lewis & Scott Tait (Seattle)
3rd: Marie Butler & Dean Lewis (Seattle)

1st: Frank Acuna (Sacramento)
2nd: Phillipa Nisbet (Vancouver, BC)
3rd: Kathleen Ellis (Portland)


Rose Bowl Classic 15


Bowled at: 20th Century Lanes

Entry Fee: $67.00

Team Event:
1st: R Place, R Toys (Seattle, Yakima)
2nd: Dyslexic Bowers (Sacramento)
3rd: South Park Cows (San Francisco)

1st: Steve Lederer & Rashidi Ahmad (Sacramento)

2nd: Mark Early (Salem) & Duane Hartmann (Portland)
3rd: Cameron Lee & Jim Cheslin (San Francisco)

1st: Jim Cheslin (San Francisco)
2nd: George Carico (San Diego)
3rd: Phil Blanton (Sacramento)


Rose Bowl Classic 16


Team Event:
1st: West Seattle WADS (Seattle)
2nd: Goldilocks & The 3 Bears (San Francisco, Oakland)
3rd: Lesbilocks & The 3 Bears (Portland)

1st: Rory Krout & Rick Elander (Seattle)

2nd: Troy Seid & Alan Ward (Seattle)
3rd: Jessie Winders & Mike Carlile (Seattle)

1st: Alan Ward (Seattle)
2nd: Rick Elander (Seattle)
3rd: Norm Gilbert (Seattle)


Rose Bowl Classic 17


Bowled at: Hollywood  Lanes

Entry Fee: $67.00



The Portland Community Bowling Association


Results of Previous Rose Bowl Classics
We are currently going through all our previous programs and results to add to this page.

Rose Bowl Classic 28 (2011)

Rose Bowl Classic 27 (2010)

Rose Bowl Classic 26 (2009)



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