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The Portland Community Bowling Association's

Congratulations to the Pacific Rim Award Winner at Rose Bowl Classic 37: Portland  with an average handicap game of 220.75.  Seattle came in second with an average handicap game of 218.08.  Vancouver, BC only had 1 bowler  and was disqualified, as the Pacific Rim Award rules state that you need at least 8 bowlers from any given city to eliminate one Excellent bowler from winning it all for their story.

Team Results pg 1
Team Results pg 2
Doubles Event All Placements pg 1
Doubles Events All Placements pg 2
Singles Event All Events (Six Games)
Singles Event (Nine Game Format)

Side Events

Scratch Masters pg 1
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 Dark Horse Doubles pg 1
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Best 3 out of 6 Competition
 Optional Scratch Side event

Virgin & All Bowlers Special Awards



After a two year hiatus due to the Pandemic, Rose Bowl Classic 37 was delayed two years, but still unfolded on ther weekend of June 3-5th. This tournament will also be remembered for the high price of gas of over $5.00 a gallon, and the pending inflation.  Rose Bowl Classic certainly appreciate the support of Pacific Northwest  bowlers who made the tournament happen.

Appreciation go out to our Sunday Portland Community Bowling League members for their generous support of overr $1,500 towards the prize fund and the Scratch Masters event.    Thank you also to those participants from our Friday night PDX Pride bowlers for their ongoing support of Portland's oldest gay sporting competition, The Rose Bowl Classic (est. 1983).   Fantastic.  There is no "Party in Portland" without our participants from all over the US and Canada. 

On behalf of the Rose Bowl Classic 2022 Committee, we extend our thank you to all the cities, states and Canada for making our 37th Annual Rose Bowl Classic another festive success. 

Our original format of your choice of our classic Rose Bowl Six Game format, combined with our new Rose Bowl Classic Xtra Nine Game, worked out perfectly, again thanks to score keeper Tim Tkacik.  65% of tournament attendees continue to choose the six game format over the nine game format.

Despite a lower tournament for our return year, Portland’s Rose Bowl Classic is extremely PROUD to be paying better than 1 in 7 in every category (Thanks to donations by the Portland Community Bowling League), and in the case of Team event¸ it  works out to better than 1 in 4. 

Thank you to our team of volunteers for all their hard work and time. 

Tim Tkacik
Terry Walton
Mike Bartholomew
Mike Nelson
Tom Geil



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