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Rose Bowl Classic's Silver Medallions

It all started back in the 1994 for Rose Bowl Classic XI.  While Portland chose some pretty unique plaques, crystal and trophy awards, we came to the same realization as most bowlers.  Yes!  Trophies provide proof of your achievement to others.  But how many of us have seen trophies on garage sales or the local Goodwill.  Executive Director Tom G wanted something entirely unique to Portland - so he had a die created of the Rose Bowl logo.  Each year for the Portland Community Bowling League, and the Rose Bowl Classic, he would have pure 1 ounce silver medallions minted.  Back then, silver was selling for around $5.00 an ounce.  Not only did the silver gleam in their acrylic-sealed cases, but they had potential value. 

Now with silver hovering around $30.00 an ounce, and continued appreciation expected, those medallions have become quite the prized award.  Think of how many silver medallions some of our bowlers have won over the years.  They may have a small fortune sitting on their awards shelf.  Silver has been aggressively moving upwards, in parallel with the value of gold. 

Rose Bowl awards 1 oz. Pure Silver Medallions to the top three singles, doubles, and to each team member of the top three teams.  Ties can mean even more medallions delivered.  Twenty one medallions on today's market at $28 is equivalent to $588 in just silver awards.  Bowl well and win one or more.

We encase the uncirculated, proof-like medallions in acrylic cases and encourage bowlers not to open the sealed acrylic.  In preparing them for the awards banquet, even we do not touch the silver with bare hands.  We use care and caution by wearing gloves to place the silver into their cases.

2018 Update:  Silver continues to move up and down based on the economy, worldwide.  They have come down some from the article above, but are still well above their lows.  As the economy heats up, we suggest you hold onto your silver until it returns to its highs.  If you ever want to trade in your awards, you can take them to your local coin dealers for pricing.  Note that these are personalized silver rounds, and not US Dollars.  For questions, just contact us at .




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