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Pacific Rim Award

Back in the early 90's, the tournament Directors of the I-5 Corridor including Vancouver, BC, Seattle, Tacoma and Portland met together to initiate a special award to recognize the unique bond that has been created over many years of our tournaments.  When we come together to play, bowling and socially, it is like a sorority/fraternity gathering, rather than just any ol' sporting event.  It's the sport that bring us together, it's our friendships that keep us coming back.

 There were basic rules created to ensure that the award would be fair and equal in it's delivery:

1. A tournament must have a minimum of 88 bowlers (22 teams).  This basic rule was meant to discourage every small community from creating a startup tournament, and then expecting to be a part of the special award.

2. To be fair to visiting cities, the hosting city could not consist of more than 60% of the bowler participation.  This rule was adopted to ensure that not one city would dominate the competition in their own community.  In order for the attending communities to be recognized, they would need to comprise at least 8% of the overall attendance.

3.  The winning community would be determined by combining all handicap series (six or nine game format), and then dividing by the number of events  (i.e. 620 + 630 + 590 = 1780/3).  The overall series average calculated to the third decimal (if necessary) will determine the event's winner.

4  Tom Geil of the Rose Bowl Classic, who first conceived the idea of the award, donated a traveling Trophy award between the remaining three cities of Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, BC.  (Tacoma's tournament had faded away shortly after the establishment of the award.)  The award is presented at each of the three city tournaments, but then is given to the IGBO Regional Rep to ensure its delivery to the next tournament (the award was getting lost and not making a showing at various tournaments).

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